Almost nearing 2014!

I haven’t used this blog as I should! I would love to actually share my knitting and crafting with others, but I realize no one will ever follow me if I never post anything! 🙂 So I’ve been thinking….

For 2014, I’m going to challenge myself. I want to knit one project a month for the next year. I already have two sweaters going so they would be additional but I will also need to have both of them finished. The goal for the first one is end of February, and the next one is hopefully by my Dad’s birthday on September 14th.  With those two sweaters and the 12 projects for the 12 months, that’d make 14 for 2014! So come along with me as I embark on my 14 for 14 challenge and maybe join in!

These are a few of the things I’m considering knitting!


Top Row: Victory by Tasha Moss, Bigger on the Inside by Kate Atherly, Police Box Mittens by SpillyJane. Bottom Row: Chickadee Ski Hat by Susan Anderson-Freed, L’Enveloppe by Sally Melville, and the Simply Pretty Shawl by Rose Beck 

I also have a pattern I have written for mittens that I need to knit up so I can put the pattern out with pictures! I think that is going to have to be my January project! I’m seriously itching to start more projects but I have so many more that I already have to finish!  Lots of Christmas knitting… I’ll try and share pictures after I give them to their recipients.

The other part of the challenge will be posting about the knitting at least once a week! That way I will keep up with the blog a little better. 🙂


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