Snow Days!

Eugene, Oregon has had a crazy amount of snow and cold weather this week! I had a really hard time getting to work and had my boyfriend drive me on both Friday and Saturday in his SUV and then I braved the snow on Sunday in my Mini Cooper. My sister invited me to do a snow photoshoot today (perfect for my knits!) and I got my poor little car stuck on the hill on the way to her house. Luckily a group of girls who lived in the house in front of which my car was and a man who was passing by helped me push and get it back on the street with some cat litter and muscle! Kevin and I bought some cookie dough to bake them cookies to drop off for them.

This was my car on Friday before I left for work (it snowed more throughout the day!), and a few other picture from this weekend. Apparently it even reached -12 degrees in the hills just south of where I live.


My sister took great photos of my knits though! I’m excited too have a good photographer around who can take better photos than my Instagram versions! She is studying both Film and Journalism in college right now. Here are some of the photos she took!

ImageWe had a pretty good time on the walk even though it was super cold!! I was nearly frozen when we got back to her place!

My Christmas knits are all coming along pretty well. I frogged and re-started my mom’s Christmas cowl and the first part done on my sister’s present! I also got a shipment from Knit Picks of new yarns which will be perfect for my 14 for 14 project! I got 5 new balls of Palette and organized my entire Palette stash into my favorite basket for my knits.



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