It’s 2014! Here we go!

Happy New Year!

I’ve officially started on my 14 for 14 knitting project. Casted on my project a bit early on New Year’s Eve (but it was already 2014 on half the globe so that isn’t cheating right?) and I’ve gotten a decent amount done on it so far. I’m glad I’m working on it so I can release the pattern at the end of the month. Here’s a sneak peak!


My boyfriend and I ended up celebrating New Year’s with our friend Sean, and went out to the local bars. The bar we ended up at had some live music free appetizer buffet and champagne toast at midnight. It was pretty fun and a nice way to ring in the New Year. And I slept in until about noon… then took a good evening nap while watching the Rose Bowl. Must have celebrated a little too hard…

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 5.37.39 PM

More updates soon! Share your knitting projects for the new year with me, I want to see what everyone is working on!


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