Ice, Ice, Ice!

I’ve still been knitting away at my Rose City Yarn Crawl MKAL shawls (I had to frog back on one) and I’m a bit behind on the knit-along aspect of them! Still trucking along at the stockinette stripes.


This weekend we had another crazy snow storm, this time accompanied by a really bad freeze afterwards. The trees were like frozen icicles and so many broke and fell under the weight of the ice and snow. I had to walk part of the way home from work since a road was blocked and passed a tree a top a poor girls car (she was not in it luckily) and power lines that were skewed across the street because of the falling trees and branches.



That second photo of the snow over the city was taken by my friend (stolen from your instagram Nick!!) who lives up the hill and always takes great weather pics. A lot of my friends were with out power (and some still are… even after 3-4 days!!). I luckily didn’t lose power but we did lose our cable and internet on Saturday for a bit so I couldn’t watch the Olympics that day! The Olympics have been pretty much all I’ve been doing recently (aka… butt firmly planted on couch and knitting in hand). I had dinner with my sister yesterday and realized I didn’t have much to talk about besides all the curling, biathlon, ski jumping, snowboarding slope style, and of course Figure Skating that I had watched (need I mention Yulia Lipnitskaya? She blew me away!! Also never mentioned I figure skated until I was about 12… did competitions, but wasn’t all that great. She is AMAZING!)

Since I don’t have too much knitting to share this week, I thought I’d share a little bit of what has been inspiring me recently. I’m absolutely loving anything Iceland. Icelandic Knits, photographs of icelandic landscape, Icelandic Rock bands and singers– you name it!! I’m really hoping to pick up some Istex Lopi yarn soon. Here’s some of my inspiration photos— I’m hoping they will inspire some new designs for me soon and maybe some new knitted projects (especially those Istex sweaters– Aftur and Afmæli– both available as free patterns on the istex website!) 

Also since I mentioned music I’m also going to share links to some awesome Icelandic artists— Ólafur Arnalds (who wrote a lot of the music for the infinitely amazing British TV series Broadchurch– which if you haven’t watched you should!!!) and Of Monsters and Men (I got to see them live in concert last May! You’ve probably heard of them or at least heard of their really popular song Little Talks. I’ve linked to the song King and Lionheart.)
Enjoy! 🙂

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