How to get things done…

How to get things done is to have something else you really need to finish… AKA my Rose City Yarn Crawl Shawl for my mom!! Its so close but since getting to clue three (lots of stockinette stripes, thankfully done now) I have started and finished two other projects. I’ve got a photo of one, and I’ll definitely post a picture of the other later this week. I’m planning on wearing it at the yarn crawl so I’m sure I’ll have loads of photos then. 

Anyways the first project finished was the 221B Hat! I love Sherlock so this hat was amazing. Check out the free pattern on Knitty. I made it in one evening when I just needed a break from doing the shawls. 


It was made with super cheap Lion Brand Wool-Ease but I like it anyways. (I spent like $4 on it!). 

The second project (not yet pictured) was a mini version of the Lonely Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia. I didn’t buy enough yarn so I made a little bandana scarf size shawlette which I currently have tied around my neck. It grew a bit in blocking but it is still pretty tiny once I get it around my neck. It’s also dark brown! 

I’m getting super excited about the Yarn Crawl. I’ve got a list going of what order I want to go in, a few items on a shopping wish list and I’m going to pack tonight. Yippee! I can’t believe its here. I’ve totally been hyping this up for myself so I’m very excited!! 


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