I’ve been away in Yarnia!

Literally… on Sunday at least! (I’ve also been working away in my own mythical yarn land too!) If you aren’t from Portland and you haven’t heard of Yarnia, go take a look at their website. You can basically make any sort of custom yarn you want from color, weight, fiber, and yardage. And it’s really affordable… like really really affordable. Like I bought 3600 yards of custom lace weight yarn for about $50. 

And what did I buy 3600 yards of lace weight yarn for, you ask? 

I’m planning a crazy project! I’m going to knit a dress for a really special wedding I’m going to in August! It’s going to be lace and I’m sewing a dress for underneath the knitted lace. My mom told me I should knit a dress for the wedding after we saw Laurinda Reddig’s crocheted dress at the Yarn Ball. I chose two strands– one wool, one cotton– both in shades of the perfectly bright and happy fuchsia. After stopping at Yarnia, I went to Fabric Depot and found the perfect fabric to match! 


I think I’m going to start swatching soon… I think I’m going to have to! What a big and fun project! 🙂 

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