A little bit of April Sunshine :)

I’m enjoying the lovely spring weather today! We’ve had it here all week too which might be a little abnormal (April showers bring May flowers, or in the case of Oregon, May showers, and June showers, and so on…) This past weekend Kevin and I cashed in a living social deal that my mom treated us to in celebration of Kevin’s graduation from college. We headed up a bit north of here to the wonderful Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton, OR. If you live in Oregon, have never been to the garden, love to relax, and love good deals, this place is for you!! They run deals online a lot and I think we hit the jackpot. Included in our stay was a massage (we upgraded to couples massage), beer tastings, two nights stay in a great room at the resort, passes to the Oregon Garden, and a great dinner for two (we both had 12 oz New York Steaks! yum!!). 

It was also delightfully nice because of the weather. We explored a bit around the area and ate some spicy bratwurst and saw a really pretty hilltop abbey in Mt. Angel. 



The above photo is the sunset from our little porch from our hotel room. It was warm enough to sit outside to eat a meal! 🙂 

While on the trip I worked on a cowl since it was easy travel knitting, but before we left I worked on the swatches for my dress with my Yarnia yarn! Here are some photos (and… its amazing the difference blocking can make!! remember that!). On the left: pre-blocking shown with my fabric. One the right: the lace pattern totally opening up while being blocked. 


I’m using the lace pattern from Cloud Illusions by Boo Knits. I’m not sure the meaning of the designers choice of name but it totally always makes me smile because of this guy– Boo, the “world’s cutest dog”. I own one of those stuffed dogs, and two miniature versions as well (my Boo’s babies)! Maybe I’ll keep my stuffed dog close by for this project. He’ll be my little lace dress mascot and helper. 

And… this is turning out to be a long post, but I still have more! I was accepted into graduate school. I’m so excited to start at the end of June. This year was kind of a gap year/year off after finishing my undergrad degree so I’m glad to kind of feel like I’m on the right track again. I’m going to be getting my Masters of Education and by Fall of 2015, I’ll be completely ready to be teaching high school or middle school Social Studies some where! Wish me luck! 



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